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Learn by making games & animations with JavaScript

You can learn coding. You can teach coding.

It’s more fun and accessible than ever. Learn how our tech makes it possible.

Breaking it down

Maybe you’ve tried to learn coding before? Maybe this is your first time? Maybe you’re a coding machine? We promise you’ve never seen anything like this before. We don’t make you watch hours of videos or bang your head against the wall. We break it down and help you break through.

Hooray for mistakes!

Get friendly feedback as you learn. When you make a mistake (because learning how to code is all about making and fixing mistakes) you’re guided to the solution with helpful, readable messages that make sense and tell you exactly what to do.

Never get stuck.

Learning is hard. It just is. But there’s such a thing as getting too frustrated and that can make you want to give up. We break that cycle by letting you see the answers any time you need to. Sparkly stars for when you push on through!

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