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LearningMole focuses on educating children of all ages in key skills of Maths, English and learning through crafts. We offer advice and practical, interactive ideas to help parents challenge, teach and develop their children’s skills at home.


Recycling: Did you know?

The average household in the UK creates over a tonne of waste each year, which is about the weight of a small car. ALSO the average person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every 7 weeks!

Other countries recycle a lot more than we do. Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany recycle around 60% of their waste, compared with our rate of around 45%

We can be doing more! LearningMole has worked hard with Bryson recycling to create educational videos and resources that will help parents, schools, children, councils in fact the whole community to see the importance or recycling and hopefully encourage them to recycle more.

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