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Most people today don’t realize it. They don’t understand that we are perched on the shoulders of giants. Shoulders that have shaped our culture, our myths, and our literature. Shoulders that are the very foundations of western civilization. They look at their iPads and forget that the view from where we stand is because of all those who came before us. And while the vista from our elevated position is wonderful, we need to take a moment to appreciate and learn where we came from.

Female artists of ancientGreece

Women had limited mobility in ancient Greek society. They could attend public speeches, certain festivals, and sanctuaries, but otherwise, women were expected to spend most of their time in the gynaikon, the female-only quarters usually located on the upper floor of the house.

Three Degrees of Wisdom

Ancient philosophy was a way of life, a pursuit of wisdom in order to live well. As such, the philosophies of the classical world have much to offer us today. But modern students are confronted with the same dilemma as ancient ones: which should you choose? Epicureanism? Stoicism? Platonism? Instead of picking one, I suggest you view them as stages in philosophical initiation.

The goddess Flora

Many ancient civilizations had fertility goddesses that played a crucial role in their religion. Rome was no exception. Perhaps the best-known fertility goddess in ancient Italy was Flora. She was an exceedingly popular goddess and every year a major festival, the Floralia, was held in her honor.

Greece Versus Rome: Polybius Decides

By Ben Potter, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom It is the eternal question for all classics enthusiasts: brawn versus brains, power

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Hellenistic Greece: When the Greeks Ruled the World

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The ancient Greek world reached its apex in the Hellenistic era (323-146 BC).

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Roman Greece: Partner in Empire

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Greece was dominated by the Roman Empire for many centuries. The Greeks

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